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Information of Extended Abstract
Information of Extended Abstract

Extended abstract submission starts from January 22(Tue.), and continues till March 15 (Sat.) 2008.

The accepted subscribers by CARBON'08 are requested to submit the Extended Abstract( less than 6 pages) by March 15, 2008.


For the submission, you have two options (1),(2) as followings,
(1) from our website (PDF file below 800KB):
Please access to the website and follow the instruction.


(2) by e-mail as an attached file (WORD or PDF file):
Please send your abstract as an attached file to:


The name of your attached file should be P0596.pdf or P0596.doc. The title of the e-mail should include your PID, i.e., CARBON2008_P0596. In the text, write corresponding author's information (name, e-mail address, and mailing address).

Please submit your extended abstract which is converted into the Adobe PDF type. (below 800KB)

Format of Extended abstract (Document)

Format of Extended abstract (PDF) (below 800KB)

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