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The city of Nagano is located 1.5hrs north from Tokyo by JR Nagano-high speed train (Nagano Shin-kansen line). In 1998, Winter Olympic games were held at Nagano. From Nagoya international Airport, it is possible to reach Nagano using conventional JR line of Chuo-line (ca. 3hrs). The Symposium will be held at the Nagano Metropolitan Hotel, just in front of Nagano railway station. More travel information will appear on the “ISNC Nagano” web page.
Supporting Societies
“ISNC 2001, Nagano” is sponsored by
・The Japanese Society for Promotion of Science(JSPS)
・117th Committee on Carbon Materials,
University-Industry Research Cooperation, JSPS
・JSPS Project “Nanocarbons”
・The Carbon Society of Japan
・Shinshu University
・Nagano Prefecture
・Nagano Prefecture Techno-Foundation

Call for papers
Persons wishing to submit a contribution on any of the
topics covered in this Symposium are kindly asked to
complete the attached form (Form A) not later than
September 6, 2001, together with a two-page
camera-ready abstracts. This information can be sent
by Fax or e-mail to:
Prof. Morinobu Endo
Faculty of Engineering Shinshu University
4-17-1, Wakasato, Nagano, 380-8553, Japan
Fax : +81-(0)26-269-5208
E-mail Symposium :
Four copies of camera-ready two-page abstract should
be typed with 1.5 line-spacing on one-side of A4 sheet
and include:
・The title of the paper.
・The names of the authors and their affiliation
(please underline the name of the author who will
present the work.)
・Subject number [Choose one from the subjects (1-13)
shown in the page 1. USE PENCIL to print the number at the top-right part of the abstract.]
・The abstract should have 2.5 cm margins and be typed
with 1.5 line-spacing in 12 pt “Times New Roman” or
similar font. Hard copies (by Air mail) should be submitted.
・At the bottom of one of the copies, please provide full
name, full address, telephone, fax, and E-mail address
of the corresponding author, and a statement of the
preferred presentation (oral or poster).
The selection of the oral or poster presentation will be
made by the Steering Committee, based on the two-page

When the presentation is accepted for ISNC2001, the
abstract will be included in the bound Symposium