The symposium will start at 9:00, Nov.14 (Wed.) at the Hotel
Metropolitan Nagano. Registration will start from 15:00 on
Nov. 13 and from 7:30 on Nov. 14 at the reception desk.
The Symposium will continue until 12:00 on Friday, Nov.16.
The sessions will include invited talks, keynote lectures and
contributed papers (oral and posters). During the Symposium,
there will be three morning sessions (9:00-12:00), two
afternoon sessions (13:00-17:00), and one poster session
(Nov. 14, 18:00-21:00).

Tentative List of Invited Speakers

M. S. Dresselhaus (MIT, USA)
M. Sasaki (Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan)
H. W. Kroto (University of Sussex, UK)
P. C. Eklund (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
S. Flandrois (CRPP-CNRS, France)
S. Iijima (Meijo Univ. & NEC, Japan) 
Z. Ogumi (Kyoto University, Japan)
T. Yumura (AIST, Japan)
H. Terrones (IPICYT, Mexico)
M. Terrones (University of Sussex, UK & IPICYT, Mexico)
Y. Saito (Mie University, Japan)
T. Kyotani (Tohoku University, Japan)
P. A. Thrower (“Carbon Journal” Editor, UK)
K. Kaneko (Chiba University, Japan)
E. Tamiya (JAIST, Japan)
G. Tibbetts (GM, USA)
S. Koyama (Shinshu University, Japan)
H. Shinohara (Nagoya University, Japan)