In this symposium, we will focus on the physics and chemistry of Nanocarbons and their
applications. The Nanocarbons, namely nanostructured materials of carbons, include the 

 Subject Number (Organizer) :

(1) Fullerens and carbon nanotubes (H.Touhara, E. Osawa)
(2) New forms of carbon (M.Terrones)
(3) VGCF’s and various types of carbon fibers (M.Endo) 
(4) Graphite intercalation compounds (M.Inagaki, Y.Ohzawa)
(5) Porous and activated carbons, and other related materials (Y.Takahashi, H.Tamai, N.Akuzawa)
(6) Carbon alloys (E.Yasuda) 
(7) Physical and structural properties (T.Enoki, K.Nishikawa)
8) Fluorinated carbon (T.Nakajima, M.Takashima)
(9) Advanced batteries and Fuel cells (Y.Yamada, Y.Nishi)
(10) Templates carbons (A.Tomita)
(11) Electronic properties and applications (Y.Hishiyama)
(12) Precursors and controlled synthesis of carbon materials (I.Mochida)
(13) Potential applications (M.Endo, A.Oya). 


 The following topics will be covered :

・New form of Nanocarbons and new synthetic routes
・Thermodynamics, kinetics, and reaction mechanism
・Structure and lattice dynamics
・Electronic properties, charge transfer, band structures
・Transport properties and superconductivity
・Mechanical properties
・Electrochemical properties,Li Ion Batteries
・Adsorption and porous structure, Advanced Capacitors
・Fabrication of advanced batteries, fuel cells