-Establishment of the strategic point for carbon-related sciences and technologies, to be a leader in global networks of.nanotechnologies.

-Contribute to Education; cultivating talented young researchers and students through a close communication with university.

-Contribute to the developments of local community and science and technology

-Contribute to local administration and industries.

We believe that the 21st century is the century of carbon because of its close relationships with energy, environment, information and communications, and bio/medical applications. Within this background, we have launched ICST with a target of becoming the world-class core education and research institute of “CARBON” by combining widespread education and research resources in Shinshu University.

With a target of substantial contribution to industry and economy by creating interdisciplinary and fused field from Engineering, Medicine, Textile, Agriculture, Science and Education, the ICST will accomplish its role in contributing to our society through active domestic and international collaborations.

  • The organization and the president selection of ICST were carried out according to (Official Regulations of Shinshu University No. 137).
  • A steering committee of ICST consists of 10 members who are presidents of attached facilities, and chiefs of four categories in research fields of ICST.
  • Important issues such as institutional management, reorganization and research policy in general are determined by the Executive Committee of Shinshu University Joint Educational Facility and a steering committee of ICST.
  • The members of ICST consist of a director, 3 full-time associate professor, and 39 part-time professors.
  • Research fields of ICST cover four categories;
      Basic science,
      Medical science/bioscience
      Applied material engineering,
      Joint innovation,
      which are divided into 19 parts in detail.
  • We have invited five specialists (Guest Professor) from various industrial fields to support research activities of ICST.

Fundamental science : leader Prof. Shuji Oishi(Faculty of Engineering) 11 Other Shinshu University teachers
Medical/bio-science : leader Prof. Kenichi Koike(School of Medical) 6 Other Shinshu University teachers
Engineering for Materials  : leader Prof. Kohichi Sugimoto(Faculty of Engineering)
Kyouyou Innovation : leader Prof. Akimitsu Morisako 24 Other Shinshu University teachers

Tokyo Institute of Technology    Prof. Toshiaki Enoki
Nagano National College of Technology    Prof. Kyoichi Oshida
Mitsui & Co., Ltd.    Ph. D. Shuji Tsuruoka
Showa Denko K.K.    Ph. D. Yoshiyuki Nishimura
Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd.    Ph. D. Tohru Noguchi
IPICyT (Mexico)    Prof. Mauricio Terrones
MIT (U.S.A)    Prof. Mildred S. Dresselhaus
Florida Univ. (U.S.A)    Prof. H. W. Kroto