Geographic Location of Nagano City

Nanocarbon2011 Venue is Nagano City, situated in the Japanese mountains at 418 m above sea level, at 36.67°N/138.19°E.

How to Reach the Workshop Venue:
  • Take Route A from Tokyo (Narita) International Airport (NRT) [or Tokyo (Haneda) Airport (HND)].
  • Take Route B from Nagoya (Chubu) International Airport (NGO) or Osaka (Kansai) International Airport (KIX).

Route A:

1. At Narita Airport

Once you clear the Custom Clearance;

  • Follow the sign "JR Line" and "Keisei Line". Those ticket counters locate at arrival floors and downstairs (B1F) level in both of the terminal 1 & 2.
  • Go to those B1F ticket counters because those arrival floor ticket counters are messy mixed with limo services to Tokyo Hotels.
  • Although it is a little bit complicated, take the following procedure to buy "Keisei Skyliner" & "JR-Nagano Shinkansen" reserved seat tickets at their ticket counters, respectively.
  1. Go to "Keisei Line, Skyliner" ticket counter and check departure time and buy the ticket for "Ueno" station. Have 20 minutes before departure. Please print out the following time table, before your departure at your office, for "Keisei Skyliner" at Narita Airport.
  2. Once get "Skyliner" ticket, go to "JR Line" counter (Green sign). Both Keisei and JR ticket counters within 20 meters.
  3. Buy "Nagano Shinkansen" ticket from "Ueno" to "Nagano" reserved. It takes up to 20 minutes to switch from "Keisei Skyliner" to "Nagano Shinkanse" at Ueno station.
    For example,
  4. You obtain both tickets, go down to "Skyliner" platform at B2F. DO NOT LOOSE YOUR TICKET TILL "Keisei Ueno" Station. Same as Nagano Shinkansen.

  • At "Keisei Ueno" station, turn left after the ticket gate. Go up-stair to street and turn left. Follow the pavement about 50 ms and you can see "JR Ueno Station"
  • Pass through underneath railway bridge and turn left. You can see the Ueno Station Main Entrance Hall.
  • When it is rain, you can find a walk tunnel right hand side of the stairs to the street at "Keisei Ueno station". The tunnel reaches the main hall of "JR Ueno Station". But, there is no English sign in the tunnel and you have to ask people "JR Ueno Eki?"
  • Go straight to ticket gates and turn at 45 degree right. You can see another ticket gate for "Shinkansen" 30 ms away.
  • Pass through the second gate to go down at B5F, Platform 20 by escalator or lift. If you would take Nagano Shinkansen before 10 am, some Nagano Shinkansen depart at Platform 21.
  • At Ueno, Shinkansen departs for 5 destinations. Nagano Shinkansen is in red line between white (upper half) and dark blue (lower half). Pink line is for Sendai, and Shin-Aomori.
  • Nagano Shinkansen has 4 to 5 non-reserved cars but it is busy in evening.
  • Nagano is the final stop.
  • At Nagano Station, after the ticket gate turn right and go straight till the end of the roof. Then turn left and go down. You can see your hotel (Metropolitan Hotel) in front of you.

2. Back to Narita or Tokyo from Nagano

  • Take Nagano Shinkansen. Tokyo station is the final stop of Nagano Shinkansen.
  • You can buy "Keisei Skyliner" ticket at "Keisei Ueno Station", easily.

Route B:

  • From Nagoya (Chubu Centrair) International Airport (NGO) first take a bus or a train to Nagoya JR Station.
  • From Osaka (Kansai) International Airport (KIX) first take a bus or a train to Shinosaka JR Station.
  • From Shinosaka JR Station take the Toukaidou Shinkansen to Nagoya JR Station.
  • From Nagoya JR Station take the Chuo Line to Nagano City (3 hours).
Local Map of Nagano City:

Nanocarbon2011 will take place in the Hotel Metropolitan Nagano, which is located about 100 meters from the main (Zenkoji) exit of the Nagano Japan Railway (JR) Station.