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Accompanying person’s program
Accompanying person’s program

Accompanying persons who have paid the registration
fee of 35,000 yen may take part in the following 
excursions free of charge. However, to participate in
the excursions, they must reserve their places
on the trip at the conference registration desk
at least 24 hours before departure.
People who have not paid the registration fee may also
take part in the excursions provided they pay
the following fees and reserve their places for the 
excursion at the conference registration desk at least
24 hours in advance.

July 14, 13:30〜17:30
Bus tour to Zenko-ji temple and 
Nagano prefecture Shinano museum
3,000 yen

July 15, 09:30〜17:30
Bus tour to Matsumoto castle and
Horseradish (Wasabi) farm
6,000 yen

July 16, 09:30〜17:30
Bus tour to Karuizawa highlands, Onioshidashi
6,000 yen

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