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Geographic Location of Nagano City

The Carbon 2008 Conference Venue is Nagano City, nestling amoung the 'Japanese Alps' at 418 m above sea level, at 36.67°N/138.19°E.

How to Reach the Carbon 2008 Conference Venue:


Weather and Temperature:

The conference takes place close to/during the rainy season. Expected temperature range: 15-25°C.
(The 24-hour average temperature in July is 24.7°C/ 76.5°F.
The average minimum temperature in July is 19.8°C/ 67.6°F.
The average maximum temperature in July is 28.8°C/ 83.3°F.)

Travel Insurance:

Please make sure to get sufficient medical and accident insurance coverage for Carbon 2008.

Emergency Contact Information:

This information will be provided three months before the CARBON'08.

Electric power and plug type used in Japan:

There is 100 V alternate current power supply in Japan. Japanese power plugs are compatible with those used in the U.S./Canada.

For more information about power plug types, see: http://kropla.com/electric2.htm.

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