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Tutorial Program for Young Researchers and Students
Tutorial Program for Young Researchers and Students
July 13, 2008 (Sun) at Hotel Metropolitan Nagano

This program is aimed at all the students and young researchers who have completed the registration in Carbon 2008. Every audience studying/working on carbon materials is welcome. Lectures will be provided by four important persons with long-time contributions to the science and technology of carbon materials. After the lectures, the participants in the program can join the Mixer party to interact with each other.

Speakers and Subjects
Speakers and Subjects

  •   Prof. Michio Inagaki
         (Professor Emeritus of Hokkaido University and Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan) "Possibilities of Carbon Materials for Environment Remediation"

  •   Dr. Agnes Oberlin
    "TEM studies on carbon materials: Carbonization and graphitization"

  •   Prof. Peter Thrower
         (Editor-in Chief, Carbon Journal, United Kingdom)
    "Writing and submitting a scientific paper"

  •   Prof. Hidekazu Touhara
         (Shinshu University, Japan)
    "Fluorination of carbon materials and their applications"


       10:30-           registration
       13:00-13:05  opening remarks
       13:05-13:50  Prof. Michio Inagaki
       13:50-14:35  Dr. Agnes Oberlin
       14:35-14:45  break
       14:45-15:30  Prof. Peter Thrower
       15:30-16:15  Prof. Hidekazu Touhara
       16:15-16:25  closing remarks, travel to the Mixer venue
       16:30-17:30  Mixer (coffee, tea and snacks)

*lecture 1-4: 40 min. talk plus 5 min. discussion


Noriko Yoshizawa, Ph.D.Tutorial Program Manager in Carbon2008          e-mail: noriko-yoshizawa@aist.go.jp

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